Lady Midnight

Lady_Midnight_book_coverWhen I finished the mortal instruments I was so sad. So I read all six books again.

C. C. wrote the series so realistically and detailed that, whilst reading, you felt like living the events yourself and you developed a strong fondness for the characters!

Therefore I was super thrilled when I heard there was a new book coming out to continue the shadowhunters’ adventures! 🙂 Reading “Lady Midnight” was just amazing! I really loved getting to know adorable Emma and cute but responsible Jules so much! I think it was pretty clear even in the Mortal Instruments that they were going to fall in love, still I was thrilled to see my suspicions being confirmed.

Lady Midnight literally gave me goosebumps in some chapters…when you find out someone you thought you knew is someone completely different…people can be more than one thing…they can be both, good and evil…

ENJOY! (if you haven’t read it yet! If you have, let me know what you thought)